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1) Speaking- - Matriculation, Retreats, Exhibitions, Professional Swearing–in Ceremonies etc.

2) Medical Consultations - - Urology Consultations – Clinic visit or online. Click here

3) Retained Personal Physician - - For self, Family or Company Click Here

4) Coaching - - Weekend Coaching on healthy living and Men’s Health for individuals or groups.


1) Keynote lectures – 60-90minutes.

>Matriculation and Graduation Ceremonies at tertiary institutions, professional bodies, socio-cultural organizations or business groups.

If your students remain refractory and don’t seem to appreciate the school authority’s genuine efforts and hence want all freshmen to have an initial positive programming through a riveting, enchanting and ovation-eliciting matriculation lecture, Click here

2) Motivational and Galvanizing Speeches to:
> Professional Associations
> Political groupings
> Developmental Associations
> Youth organizations

If you want to raise your professional body, your party or developmental union to the next (higher) level but members are apathetic, don’t pay dues and you are stuck. Call me. I have been there. I have raised my association’s membership strength 367% in two years and with peak enthusiasm to match. Your executive and members need to apply the principles of group incentivization and motivation. If you want to fly rather than crawl, Click here

3) Sponsored Media Health Campaigns/Talks
> Government
> NGO’s
> Professional bodies
> Companies

You are a government, NGO, company or association and you want to change the people’s health behaviour for the better. They resist because of ignorance, deep-seated prejudices or myths, Click here for help

4) Medical Products Presentation – Marketing Pitch
> Personal Care/Healthy Living products.

> Drugs
> Medical software
> Medical equipment.

Do you want to advertise healthcare/medical products in Nigeria, Africa? Do you want to talk to someone who knows the terrain; a leader in the health industry in Nigeria, who can present your products to elicit positive response? And do you want to present your drugs or medical equipment, if so, Click here

5) Retreat Keynote Lectures
> Anti-corruption
> Citizenship and Patriotism
> Leadership and Its responsibilities
> Philosophic, cultural, social and political basis of progress.
You are a government, a corporation and your men/women are given to corruption, pilfering and disloyalty. Bad habits, ignorance and narrow world-view make them work against your genuine objectives. You are stuck! If you need a lecture that will turn your staff, especially management cadres, into positive behavior, call us to give them a talk. Click here

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