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Consulting Services


You may wish to consult for your urinary and reproductive problems. I specialize in urology and so treat male infertility, prostate diseases, urethral strictures, impotence, urinary incontinence, bedwetting (in adolescents/adults) and other related problems. Consultation may be;

a) One-off encounters which may be by visit to my clinic at Ikeja or per online chat.

If you want to consult now click here

b) As retained personal physician: If you need a personal physician to be retained by you who is to be the first person to be contacted in case of ill-health at any time of the day – for you only , you and your spouse or for the whole family, Click here

There are many advantages to having a personal physician. If you have a regular mechanic who works on your car, he gets to know it, inside-out and finds it easier to repair and maintain. You can call him at odd times to pick up your car from the highway even if you do not have money on that day. It is the cheapest way to maintain a car!

Let’s go a step higher, if you have a personal lawyer, he gets to know you in detail. You become friends and he then takes your cases personally much more than the dictates of his profession. I have a Senior Advocate as my lawyer. He was not one when I enlisted him ten years ago. He knows me very well.We are family friends and takes my cases personally because he is my friend. I pay for his services but money is no hindrance to his provision of excellent legal advice. He is very reliable and generally cheaper because of the long relationship. What is true with the mechanic and the lawyer is even more true when you have a personal physician.

A personal physician will know your health history. He assists you to carry out preventive medical care. You will have his telephone and e-mails in your diary. If you have a medical emergency anywhere in the world, he will be called to promptly guarantee and monitor your treatment. He can stand in as surety for your bills. In Nigeria, your personal physician can guarantee you full treatment in the highest quality of hospital even if you do not have money! The hospital will give him that credit. If you are interested in having a personal physician please Click here

You may need a physician who does good medical examinations for your new employees. Or else, they could seek compensation for an ailment they have had before they joined your Company. Act now!

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