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Booking Dr. Gabriel Ogah

For Medical Services:

a) You may consult Dr. Ogah for reproductive and urinary problems as the first urologist or for a second opinion. The consultation may be through an online chat or by visit to his clinic. To book for the consultation, you have to register first. The registration fee covers all consultations for twelve months, irrespective of number. Urologists in the west charge about US$ 400 for a single urologic consultation. We charge just 25% of that for the whole of one year multiple consultations to give access to millions of people who otherwise would not afford urologic services. If after the first consultation, you are not satisfied with the quality of service please demand 100% refund. You will get a refund without question. Note that you cannot get a refund after the second and subsequent consultations.
Please do read the service agreement before booking.

Service Agreement:
Having read the profile of Dr. Gabriel Ogah on this website, I hereby consent to consult him for medical (urologic) advice. I understand that I should pay a registration fee of US$ 100 for twelve months’ multiple consultations. That the fee is payable before the first consultation, and fully refundable should I find it unsatisfactory. I understand that after the second and subsequent consultations, no refund can be made. I accept that I hold the said Dr. Ogah immune from any litigation, jointly or severally, should I consider the consultation unsatisfactory at any time. I agree. To book: Click here

b) If you are interested in retaining a personal physician for you or your family, Click here

B. For Keynote Lectures, Product Presentations or Other Speeches:
Request for “Speech Booking Form” by Clicking here


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