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Book Testimonials


Price: N2,450.00

This directory details the core experts that provide specialized medical services in Nigeria and more.

What Nigerian Editors Say:

“This publication, Top Private Specialist Doctors of Nigeria, is a revolution and a revelation. To get the physician of your dream is now just at the turn of a page away.”
Femi Adesina, Editor, Daily Sun.

“This is a well-produced reference material. It will be found useful by both the ordinary reader and medical practitioners in general. It is a product of painstaking research, industry and commitment to the common good.”
Reuben Abati, Chair, Editorial Board, The Guardian.

“Health’ as the saying goes “is wealth”. This book is literally a rich compendium of who is who that would benefit all in search of good health. I endorse it.”
Mike Awoyinfa, MD, Editor-in-Chief, The Sun.

“Prostate Diseases” downloadable e-book.
Men who have good knowledge of prostate diseases often live healthy and happy lives. Those who lack the knowledge will be ill and miserable. Old men, in their fifth/sixth decade or more who do not want to be ill or miserable are advised to get the book, “Prostate Diseases”.
But why must you know about prostate diseases when you have a urologist? Whenever a doctor assesses a patient, he would decide on giving a therapy or otherwise. His planned treatment is subject to the patient’s consent. It is in the interest of all patients to give an informed consent. The patient needs to have a background knowledge of the disease before he can give the said consent. When men lack the appropriate knowledge, they are prone to use wrong advice given by loving and well-meaning family members and friends. Ill people, being stressed and fearful, are often confused and vulnerable to wrong advice. This book provides current detailed information which is readable by most literate men. The book is authoritative, balanced and drawn from practices in different continents and is in compliance with principles of evidence based medicine.

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Price: N2,450.00